Health and Safety Policy - Statement of Intent

Optar Technologies Ltd ("Optar") is committed to ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare at work of all its employees including all management and directors, contractors and temporary workers ("Employees") and the health and safety of visitors and other persons who attend or use its premises and who may be affected by its work ("Visitors").

In accordance with its legal and other obligations, Optar has carried out a risk assessment of its activities, equipment, facilities, building and all other related arrangements where matters of health and safety may be involved. This Health and Safety Policy ("the Policy") is designed to enable Optar to comply with its statutory health and safety obligations, to apply the necessary measures identified in its risk assessment and to adopt all other reasonably practicable measures (within the limits of available resources) to:

  • reduce hazards and the risk of personal injury to its Employees and Visitors arising out of its activities;
  • maintain a safe and healthy place of work; and
  • reduce hazards and the risk of damage to its property

In particular, Optar's objectives include:

  • Reduce all accidents, incidents and cases of work related ill health to zero
  • Reduce levels of sickness absence
  • Increase the numbers of employees trained in health and safety
  • Increase the reporting of near misses and minor accidents
  • Achieve certification to OHSAS 18001

To this end, proper implementation and application of this Policy by everyone is paramount. Employees are required to comply with the terms of this Policy and any related arrangements or procedures from time to time in force; take all reasonable steps to protect their own safety and that of other Employees; and co-operate with management in the implementation of this Policy and the company's commitment to continual improvement of its OH&S performance.

The ultimate responsibility for overseeing the implementation of this Health and Safety Policy rests with Optar's Managing Director