Optar is a specialist upgrade company focusing on air intake solutions for rotating machinery. Upgrades range from changing filter clipping systems through new frames, new filters, to a complete redesign of the existing filter house. If however the redesign can't meet the clients' requirements Optar has provided a complete new filter house, both into existing plant and new build stations.

Optar strictly control the quality of all product so that it reaches the highest standards within the industry.

Optar's quality procedures have been completely overhauled so that they meet the most stringent testing standards.

Due to this continued focus on quality, Optar has been successful in upgrading the first Siemens machine in the world to HEPA filtration, carrying a complete upgrade to the filter houses during a client's flange to flange GT upgrade, as well as extremely short lead time work to upgrade frames and install weather hoods on an LM6000 filter house in the UK.